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It would be hilarious that if they get around to talking about my paper, they would be like "Wow! That seems like such a misguided idea! Yeah Joe Prime, I wonder if this author just needed to push out a half-baked paper because he's worried that he's about to be fired. I don't think so Ferris Prime. It appears that this guy spent two years working on this crap, based on his recent publications. Wow, that's sad. Interlude baby.

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This is great! I'd love to use this method to generate something similar. I have a couple of questions on the process:

- How do you split the conversation in two for each of the speakers? Is that in the ChatGPT prompt or do you filter out each speaker question/answer before putting it through tts?

- Where did you get the voices you use from? Did you train them yourself? I don't see these in the list of available out-of-the-box voices in Tortoise;


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The third voice is hilarious to me

I might be more interested in hearing straight reading of the abstract + gpt summary of each paper (could go section by section) rather than the conversation format

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What strikes me right away is that in any other podcast listening experience I automatically place the context of the speaker around the content, i.e. I give Joe Rogan's opinions a certain weight due to what I know about him (or think I know). These voices seem to have opinions ("wow!" has a positive connotation when speaking about these papers) and I realize I have no idea what the characters base their opinions of the papers on. This is super important work though - it's almost inevitable that we'll have AI generated content delivery - and what humans look for in content delivery is a perspective on that content, an opinion, where AI by default will only have the opinion it is told to have by a human or script. I don't know how things will go, but this is an early step into what will be the defining of relationships between AI and humans, as well as between different AIs. Awesome.

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i've love to learn how to do this. so powerful.

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